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Dawn Of NILT

NILT (Narsanror Institute of Leadership Training), is born out of a few longing and like-minded hearts to spread the love of Jesus. These men from different walks of life put in their mind together to spread the Gospel through training leaders. This came out of the following convictions:

  • I have other sheep that are not of these sheep pens. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock and one Shepherd (John 10:16)
  • Lead Heathens to look upon God to beseech "Draw me, we will run after thee" (Song 1:4)
  • If they do so, certainly Father will draw them near to Jesus (Jer.31:3)
  • Jesus proclaimed that they come to Him, because the Father had drawn them to Himself (John 6:44)
  • Jesus will lift up these folks to be with Him one day (John 12:32)
  • Therefore, I want you to know that God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen. (Acts 28:28)

Therefore, we need men and women to Go (Mark 16:15). This needs training to meet people and convince them. We were led by the Spirit of the Lord to train leaders to go and preach. It was Late Pastor S. Ruban of Grace Prayer House, Korattur, Chennai–600 080 the guiding light for the formation of NILT.




Organisation Setup

NILT is a registered organization under the Indian Trust Act. The organization was formed on the 30th January 1998. It is an interdenominational and an independent organization.


The following are the Trustees:

  • G.J. Pandithurai, Managing Trustee
  • R. SoundarRajan
  • Dr. J.D. Bakara Doss
  • Dr. K. vijayakanth
  • Mrs. K. Vijayalakshmi
  • Ms. Evangeline Sumitha
  • Mrs. Dora Justin
  • Mr. J Jonny Ramesh
  • Rev. Pon Nesan

Following are the Office Bearers:

  • G.J. Pandithurai, President
  • Dr. J. D. Baskara Doss, Vice President & Curriculum Director
  • Dr. Moses Micheal Faraday, Vice President( Admin)
  • Mr. R. Soundarrajan, Secretary
  • Mr. Jonny Ramesh Executive Director
  • Rev. Pon Nesan Dy. Secretary
  • Dr. K. Vijayakanth, Curriculam Co ordinator
  • Mrs. Dora Justin, Treasurer
  • Ms. Evangeline Sumitha, Curriculam Co ordinator
  • Mrs. K Vijayalakshmi, Administration ( Office )

To train the Christian Clergy, Missionaries, evangelists, laities etc. to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and equip them with the help of Indian Scriptures and literatures. To undertake and to participate in the research programs on Indian Vedas, Vedanta, Tamil Bakthi Literature etc. in the light of the Bible. To bring out Christ who remains unknown in the Indian spiritual literature and to accomplish the Mission in the same line. This will be an enriching experience.


It is on this basis the curriculum is developed to be taught in the Bible Colleges/Seminars. The syllabus shall be based on the following topics/subjects. The medium of instruction shall be English and Tamil.

  • Religions in India before Christ –Buddhism and Jainism
  • The Advent of St.Thomas in India- Historical evidences.
  • Vedas and Vedic Worship
  • Religions in India after Christ- Six fold religions
  • Hindu Religions- Historical perspective
  • The memorial stone worship in the Indus valley civilization, in the Bible, in Saivism and in Quran.
  • Difference between worship and religion
  • Hindutva /Hinduism
  • Dravidians-their race, language, religion and culture
  • Aryans- Who are they?
  • Thirukkural and Christianity
  • The Significance of Sanskrit
  • The development of Saivism and Vaishnavism with special reference to the Bible
  • The Impact of Christianity on Buddhism and Jainism-Mahayana, Bhodisattva-Svetambara
  • The Doctrine of Avatar
  • Avatar and Christianity
  • Doctrine of Trinity in Indian religions
  • Trinity in Thirukkural
  • Vedas and Vedanta- Vedas-sacrificial worship: Vedanta-religion of the fulfillment of Sacrifice.
  • The Puranas and Hindu religion
  • The Hindu Iconography
  • A bird's eye view of Indian Philosophy-Six Darshanas
  • Trinity in Vedanta
  • Brahma sutras and Christianity
  • Six Darshanas and Christianity
  • Saivism and Christianity
  • SaivaSiddhanta and Christianity
  • Vaishnavism and Christianity
  • Six fold religion and Christianity
  • Puranas and Christianity
  • The impediments of evangelism in India

These topics/subjects are not exhaustive. The above subjects will be taught based on the educational background of the students and their requirements.
The Curriculum is offered in two levels for the students-

  • Foundational & Intermediate Level
  • Specialization Level1-13 will fall under the Foundational & Intermediate level and from 14-31 is Specialization Level.
Friendly Associates
  • International Centre for the study of Christianity in India, Chennai.
  • Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai.
  • Alleluah Prayer Fellowship, Chennai.
  • karma2grace.org, Boston
  • Jesus Family Ministry, Jersey City
  • Boston Tamil Church, Boston.
  • Indian AnaryaSamaj Ministries, Nagercoil.
  • The Doulos Mission and Divine Deliverance Tabernacle ,Banglore.
  • Church of Karnataka Diocese, Bangalor
  • Maranatha Group Of Bible Colleges, H.O Chennai.
  • Last Days Harvest Ministries, California, USA.
  • Agni Ministries, Chennai.
  • ChristavaBrahmanaSevaSamithi
  • Centre For Christian Research And Documentation. (CCRD)
  • India Mission Association.
  • Assembly Of God Group Of Bible Colleges
  • Friends Missionary Prayer Band
  • Blessing Youth Mission
  • Many Pastors Fellowships in Tamil Nadu
  • Tulip Ministries, Chennai
Request for Prayer Support

As you are aware, India is a Nation with a large population and the least number of Christians. Christ is to be preached everywhere so that the people will come out of darkness, poverty, oppression, casteism and the like. As the Spirit of the Lord leads you, please join NILT and share our vision.

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